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The medieval villages of Valmarecchia, the rolling hills of the countryside, the historic city of Rimini, Italy in Miniature and its attractions. These are just a few of the fascinating destinations which is easily reached from the Hotel Lucy in a few minutes by car or bus, or directly by a healthy pedaling bicycles provided free of charge to our guests.
Here is a small handbook with some mention of the most important destinations on the Adriatic coast, written with no intention to be exhaustive about the priceless heritage and this little corner of Romagna, but with the innocent intention of stimulating the curiosity of small gems that this hospitable land lies between the blue sea and the green of the hills.

Rimini (Remin - Remni in dialect) was founded by the Romans in 268 BC as a colony of Roman law and strategic junction as a meeting of trade at the time. In 90 BC became a Roman town. In the Middle Ages exercised a leading role as a free city. Towards the end of the thirteenth century. began Malatesta, who transformed the city into a melting pot of culture and art. This is, in brief, the history of the city testified by prestigious monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge and the Malatesta Temple. On 30 July 1843, another key date in the creation of modern Rimini, was inaugurated the plant Privileged dei Bagni, which followed some 50 years later, the legendary Kursaal and the Grand Hotel: the beginning of tourism. Thus was born the Ostend of Italy to become, thanks to the tourism boom of 60-70 years, the metropolis quintessential beach, as well as the European capital of the holidays. Walking along our roads, where our people will see it with your eyes and you will touch hand what inspired the likes of John Pastures, Federico Fellini, Piero della Francesca, and many others who, like you, have been fascinated by this city ​​of a thousand times.

Valmarecchia takes its name from the river that runs through it, it was born in Tuscany near Mount Smoke Stack and runs its rapid descent through steep, narrow and shady narrow valleys characterized by sharp rocks stimuli and pleasant spaces. Geologically formed in the Miocene (15 million years ago) was later brutally shaped by glaciers, which, while they are moved piled gigantic granite boulders along the path down to the sea. This led to the town of San Leo, Mount Titano (which is now home to the Republic of San Marino), Torriana Veruccchio and many others.
Thanks to the bloody history of the Middle Ages in these places found prosperity of the community-led families Montefeltro and Malatesta, their inaccessibility also has preserved these charming medieval villages and their history, delivering himself into our hands perfectly preserved priceless treasures within steps from your hotel. Santarcangelo di Romagna, with its medieval castle and the wonderful tuffaceous caves are situated only 9 km from 'Lucy Hotel, San Leo and Verucchio with their magnificent forts and the fascinating museum on the notorious Count Cagliostro, are less 45 min by car. Not forgetting that, San Marino, its Old Town and endless shopping opportunities of high quality at affordable prices, is half an hour away by car.
Please note that all the major towns of Valmarecchia are easily reachable by bus.